Enikő Ginzery is a virtuoso cimbalom player known for her imaginative and innovative style. She presents the cimbalom as a flull-fledged concert instrument. Enikö was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and her musical talent was noticed at an early age. She first started to play the violin; however, very soon she changed to the cimbalom, which became her favorite instrument. From 1989 to 1995 Enikö studied cimbalom at the Conservatory of Bratislava, and then she continued her studies at the Ferenc Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary. Next she enrolled at the “Hochschule für Musik Saar“ in Saarbrücken, Germany for a postgraduate study of contemporary music interpretation. She graduated with honors in 2005. During her studies Enikö had many excellent teachers, among them Beata Cecková, Ludmila Dadáková, Ilona Szeverényi Gerencsér, Stefan Litwin, and Yukiko Sugawara.

In 1995 she obtained an award as best participant of the International Youth Festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She became the winner/laureate of the International Cimbalom Competition of 1997 in Valašské Mezirící, Czech Republic.

For three consecutive years (1997-1999) she participated in interpretation courses given by György Kurtág. In 1998 Enikö attended an interpretation course of early music in Szombathely, Hungary with Emilio Moreno and Anneke Boeke. She also took part in interpretation master classes of contemporary music with Moritz Eggert, Herbert Henck, Christof Keller, Theo Brandmüller, Isao Nakamura, Uli Wiget and Nicolas Hodges (International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt, Germany).

Since 1995 Enikö has regularly given solo performances and has been also accompanied by orchestras throughout Europe and the United States. She has performed with the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra of Bratislava, the Bratislava Chamber Opera Orchestra, Klangforum Wien, SR Radio Orchestra in Saarbrücken, SWR Radio Orchestra in Freiburg, SWR Radio Orchestra in Stuttgart, Sinfonietta Dresden, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Chamber Orchestra of Bohdan Warchal, Solamente Naturali and the Melos Ethos Ensemble. She gave solo concerts at several important international festivals of contem­porary music: In Ostrava and Prague, Czech Republic; Bratislava, Slovakia Krakow, Poland Forbach, France; Saarbrücken, Kassel, Stuttgart, Dresden, Darmstadt, and Berlin in Germany; Luck, Ukraine; Budapest, Hungary; New York, NY and Princeton, NJ in the USA.

The wide scope of her repertoire comprises compositions from the middle ages to the present time. It includes pieces by medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary composers. Among these are original pieces for the Saltero – the usual designation for the cimbalom in the 16th to the 18th century – and also her transcriptions of other pieces from this period.

Her main interest is, however, the interpretation of works of contemporary composers, either for solo cimbalom, or for instrumental groups. Enikö’s virtuosity and the exciting sound and expression possibilities of her instrument inspired several contemporary composers to create original pieces for cimbalom alone or in combination with other instruments or electronic sound.

Over the past several seasons she has premiered works by well known composers as Ilja Zeljenka, Juraj Beneš, Juraj Pospíšil, Vladimír Bokes, Michal Košut, Anton Steinecker, Peter Machajdík, Dániel Biro, Pál Károlyi, Patricia Alessandrini, Ted Coffey, Chiel Meijering, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Theo Brandmüller, Jean Ives Bosseur, Christian Wolff, Luigi Manfrin, István Láng, Art-Oliver Simon, Joao Pedro Oliveira, Alois Bröder, Zsigmond Szathmáry, Miklós Maros

Enikö performs chamber music with a wide circle of colleagues. She is a founding member of a Trio Dulci Vento with the unique instrumental combination of psalter, recorder and renaissaince trombon.

In 2001 Enikö recorded her first solo CD album: “Contemporary music for cimbalom”.

Since the winde term of 2007 she is working on a PhD at the Academy of Music - VŠMU in Bratislava